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    How adgebra uses web push notification as native advertising inventory

    538 310 Rajesh Chande

    A constant requirement of innovative inventory has become the need of an hour for any native adtech company. Publisher acquisition team is continuously under pressure from sales and delivery departments to increase the ad inventory supply simultaneously improve on quality. Increasing inventory vertically by signing huge MGs with publishers is not a viable solution where margins are always on fire.

    At Inuxu, the adgebra platform story is no different. Rohit (CEO) and Shashikant (Head of Inventory) were always at loggerheads for the very same reason.

    A part of the problem was solved when we launched a self-serve platform for long tail publishers. We started onboarding a lot of publishers and a new inventory supply was growing at a steady pace but the exponentiality and quality were not as expected.

    Rohit envisioned ‘Web Push Notification’ could be an interesting addition to native advertising. Push notification is a subscribed-only inventory and it displays on the user’s machine, promising 100% visibility. Such inventory quality would do wonders for advertisers on adgebra. Immediately the idea was discussed internally with me (Rajesh – CTO).

    India’s largest Web Notification tech company is iZooto and coincidently Neel the Cofounder of iZooto got in touch with Rohit via LinkedIn and conversation of cross leveraging each other’s needs and strengths started. However, it was not as simple as it sounds and the whole challenge of making this merger work came to me, my tech team, and the tech team at iZooto.

    What is web push Notification and how it started: A push notification is a message that is “pushed” from a backend server or application to user interface, e.g. (But not limited to) mobile applications and desktop applications. Apple was the first to introduce we push notification in 2009 and in 2010 Google released its own service, Google Cloud to Device Messaging.
    How is it different: The beauty in web push notification, unlike traditional ways, is, the user need not be subscribed & active on his device, meaning there is no need for a user to be reading his favourite article on any website for an ad to be shown to him. This was kind of a gold mine and iZooto cracked it quite early by tying up with publishers and having a fantastic platform quick and ready for use of publishers.

    Here are a few technical details on the marvellous Integration between iZooto and adgebra. The integration is a pure HTTPs request and the response is in JSON format that contains all the components needed to form a native ad and make one impression of Push Notification on a client’s device.

    adgebra needs a lot of User details (PII excluded) for intelligent decisions in showing a relevant ad to a user based on his Geo, Site, Device, language, etc. iZooto passes on all the user and site-related parameters to adgebra and this forms targeting input to adgebra. These inputs are fed to adgebra algorithms and provide the most relevant native ads based on the input targeting parameters.

    There were other challenges of security, requests through multiple servers, native image size difference, impression and click tracking, fraud clicks, etc. Each case had its own challenges and solutions were custom designed and implemented.

    Currently, adgebra is serving 1mn+ requests daily from iZooto that translates to around 4K to 5K clicks.

    Integration wouldn’t have been a cake walk without a great tech team at iZooto – hats off to Neel, Rohit and Sachin – Kudos guys, let’s reap the benefits!

    Silicon India awards 2015

    Inuxu awarded “Startup of the year 2015 – Ad tech”

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    This award is conferred for excelling in the field of ad tech in India to fulfill entire digital advertising needs

    Inuxu is thrilled to announce that it has been conferred with “Startup of the year 2015 – Ad tech” award announced by ‘siliconindia’ in December 2015. The award is bestowed upon organizations for tremendous growth and achievement in ad tech world. With a strong commitment towards the use of big data and creative innovations, Inuxu’s award-winning product – adgebra, has built a reputation of delivering digital advertising campaigns with unmatched brand engagement and recall across device types.

    “This award is a testament to the hard work of our entire team to ensure the success of our clients and publishers,” said Rohit Bagad, Inuxu Founder and CEO. “We thank siliconindia for recognizing Inuxu Digital Media Technologies as ‘Startup of the year 2015 – ad tech’. It is an honor to be recognized at this stage, when automation, and product innovation in ad tech, is taking time to reach scale in India. This is even more, valuable as it also acknowledges the core value of our business: Science of Relevance & Art of Engagement to deliver highly precise and engaging digital campaigns. This award is a turning point in ad tech landscape in India, giving a great push to Inuxu’s efforts in trying to bring innovation in display advertising”.

    Siliconindia’s Startup of the year 2015 rewards companies in various categories scrutinized by a distinguished panel of industry’s topmost CEOs, CIOs, VCs and analysts, as well as siliconindia’s Editorial board, through the entire year. The ad tech category was awarded to the organization with the highest score in tech innovation, programmatic campaign management, engagement elements in creative (display ads), digital property monetization.

    About Inuxu:

    Inuxu was founded in May 2013 with a vision to blend together the Science of ‘Relevance’ and Art of ‘Engagement’ to deliver personalized ads to the digitally evolved user. Inuxu’s ad tech platform – adgebra is India’s only multi-device, high impact ad unit marketplace. Adgebra offers multi-tier targeting with audience segments and click fraud protection. Inuxu, headquartered in Pune, is venture backed by Netcore Solutions and Greynium Information Technologies (OneIndia).


    The curious case of AD blocking

    The curious case of ad blocking

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    Ad blocking to become a serious issue, should you be worried

    This year ad blocking created a lot of buzz in the ad tech and digital advertising industry after Apple rolled out its iOS9 update in September, enabling ad blocking on mobile devices. Advertisers and publishers around the world are concerned and are trying to figure out the solution for ad blocking. Though a lot of advertisers and publishers are still not clear what’s at stake, let’s go through some data to analyze the situation at hand.


    There are about 144 million active ad block users around the world, which is 5% of all Internet users.The number of people actively using ad blockers in India increased from 2 million (second quarter of 2014) to 4 million (198 million globally) in the three months ended June, only about 2% of the total number of Internet users, but this number has been steadily climbing.

    What is an ad blocker?

    Ad Block is a program (software/hardware) that prevents ads from being displayed to the user on a web page. In most cases, ad blockers are available as browser extensions.

    An ad blocker can block display ads, video ads, mobile ads. Native advertising is still untouched by ad blockers. This advantage can make native advertising more popular among advertisers.

    How does and ad blocker work?

    Ad blocker uses three simple mechanisms to block ads.

    • Blocking Requests – As explained above, it checks for the 3rd party domains and blocks all incoming/outgoing requests to serve ads. If there is any mismatch between domains, the ad blocker will not run the script.
    • Element Hiding – Hides all foreign elements which are embedded in an ad
    • Filters – User can explicitly add filter rules or URLs to block ads from a set of specific ad networks

    Ad block uses source URL of images, iframes, scripts and flash files to identify advertisements in the page. And then it blocks (HTTP and HTTPS requests) and hides (CSS display, visibility, and height) those advertisements. It identifies the domain names of ad networks and also uses built-in filters and keywords to identify advertising links.

    The curious case of ad blocking

    Linux users have a staggering 29.04% blocking rate, compared with 12.95% for Mac users, and 9.25% for Windows users. Mobile blocking is gaining popularity: Android shows 2.24% blocking rate and iOS 1.33%.

    How to disable an ad blocker?

    Option 1: Get the domain whitelisted

    An ad network /server can directly approach an ad blocking company to whitelist their domain. But, it is solely at the discretion of the ad blocking company to go ahead with the whitelisting or not based on some parameters.

    Eyeo (the company behind ad block plus) is dealing with the aftermath of an article by the Financial Times, which reported that “not only Google but also Microsoft, Amazon and advertising network Taboola are among the companies paying to stop having their ads blocked. In response, users have blasted the company and have vented frustration with the software on social media and elsewhere. According to the Financial Times, companies pay 30 percent of additional ad revenue that they would make from being unblocked“.


    1. No animations, no sound, no video – they call it non-intrusive
    2. User can explicitly restrict whitelisted ads too

    Option 2: Manipulate ad-blocker

    Step 1 – check if ad-blocker is present or not

    Step 2 –
    Secret Media developed a technology (patent pending), based on polymorphic encryption to pass ads through Ad Blockers, and to make sure that the ad Blockers are not able to identify these patterns code.

    The technique explained above is generally used in viruses or malicious software to hide its presence in the machine or website. In short, the method is not legally approved.
    Advanced options of ads blocker plus are capable of detecting few of such encrypted scripts thus it blocks those too.


    1. Till now there is no concrete solution to manipulate ad blocker.
    2. Keeping business loss of ad-networks/publishers into consideration, ad blocker supports non-intrusive and standard ads
    3. If we focus on the Indian digital advertising market, ad blocking has not become very popular yet if we compare it to the US and UK market.

    As advertisers, you should try and diversify your advertising delivery channels and make sure you’re using all the ad targeting options available to you. Do A/B testing to check which channel delivers the highest ROI. Try your hands at some innovative high impact ad units and native advertising.  Moreover, social media advertisement is still unaffected by ad blockers. You can also give users the option of AdChoices. So Indian agencies/ad networks can breathe a sigh of relief as we still have time at hand.

    As publishers, you should always focus on user experience. Allowing non-intrusive ads and innovative ad formats will not hurt user experience. You should also keep checking CTR’s of these ads to check how much your ads are being liked by your website visitor. Conduct periodic surveys to get valuable feedback from your end user.

    7 hacks to choose the perfect ad tech partner

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    Are you in the right hands, choose your ad tech partner wisely

    Every piece of news that we read these days about digital media industry talks about the tremendous growth in ad spends over the coming years. Due to advances in advertising technology, it is becoming ever increasingly difficult for advertisers to choose the right ad tech partner to deliver user engagement driven campaigns. Let’s have a look at Statisa’s report about digital advertising spending worldwide from 2012 to 2018 (in billion U.S. dollars).

    7 hacks to choose the perfect ad tech partner

    All these trends show a steep rise in digital ad spends globally for both desktop and mobile advertising. The world is becoming digital first and content consumption pattern has changed over the period. This change is also driving advertiser optimism and ad budget growth.

    To ease this decision-making process I have compiled few points that every fellow marketer or media planner should consider before choosing the perfect ad tech partner for their next campaign.

    1.     Your digital strategy and goals:

    Before even thinking of looking out for an ad tech partner, it is important to be clear about your own digital strategy and goals. Your annual ad spends or media spends should be well calculated and budgeted. You should be clear about the expectations you have from the campaign. All your strategies revolve around your target audiences, so make sure your new partner knows who your target audiences are and will they be able to reach them. A precise campaign delivered to the right audience at the right time will definitely yield better results. Keep all the valuable data collected over the years handy for future reference.

    2.     Test the Water: 

    You have an existing partner, but it is not necessary to stick to them just because they have been associated with your company since donkey years. You should keep a track of the latest technology, trends and breakthroughs in digital advertising industry. Check if the partner in consideration will be able to deliver those for you. Also, are these technologies right for your marketing strategy?  Few important questions that you should answer before starting off.

    • Do they have a strong digital background?
    • Do they understand your marketing needs and goals?
    • Is the new partner at par with the latest trends in ad tech?
    • Will they be able to give you a 360-degree approach/experience?

    3.  Beware of the Catchy Words:

    Every industry has a list of jargons used by members of the fraternity. Similarly, digital media industry also has some dominating terms like programmatic, native ads, Big Data, viewability etc. Don’t get blown away by these terms and don’t keep these highly rated jargons as deciding parameters to choose a partner. The ad tech partner should be able to deliver the desired results using the latest technology build around these jargons but be careful not to fall in the trap.

    4.     Work Profile:

    Ensure that the ad tech partner to be, has previously worked with similar clients and solved similar problems. Do they understand the challenges that your industry faces and are they ready with solution. Take into consideration their successful campaigns and technology that they have previously used in campaign execution across multiple platforms like mobile, native ad, video and more. Having this information will help you understand their capabilities to run your campaign.

    5.     What’s their forte?

    A lot of media agencies and ad tech companies offer ‘n’ number of services under their umbrella. You need to find out what they specialize in. Their specialization will have a positive effect on the deliverable. Also, check if the technology partner has an in-house technical team to deliver the campaign or have they outsourced their technical responsibilities. It’s imperative to choose a partner who can provide an end to end solution rather than just marketing expertise.

    6.     Key Metrics:

    One of the most vital question to be answered when delivering digital campaigns is, has the technology partner measured the results and if yes, how? You need to check what metrics they use to measure the performance of the campaign. The metrics used at your end should be aligned with your ad technology partner. Measuring elements that don’t matter to you should not be considered while evaluating. There are several key metrics used industry wide like for your branding campaigns it can be CTR (Click through Rate) or engagement rate. For performance-based campaigns, it can be the last mile action/ lead or purchase that happened. Point to be noted here is with users consuming content over multiple devices, tracking cross-device conversions is also a critical metric. With video ads and viewable impression being talk of the town, time spend and viewability can also be an important metric. It’s important to work with a partner who uses robust data, converts data into useful analytics to ultimately deliver results as you want.

    7.     Service Level:

    Whenever we talk about a business partnership, comfort and service levels are points that we cannot ignore. It’s important to define the level of service that you expect from your ad tech partner. The whole campaign delivery cycle involves support and service at all levels. You’ll want to understand whether their working principle is that of a self-serve model, a dedicated account manager or a combination of both. What services they offer post campaign delivery is also of importance. The ad tech partner should be able to give you industry insights and take you one step ahead of others.


    To deliver a successful digital campaign, you need to have the perfect ad tech partner by your side. Choose the right one and you will have a smooth sailing.

    Ad:tech new delhi 2015

    ad:tech New Delhi – 2015

    599 400 Prerna Mehta

    A Special Event for Inuxu- ad:tech New Delhi – 2015

    “Really good insight. Real world understanding which makes a real difference. As always brilliant!”

    Team Inuxu is back from New Delhi after attending the biggest marketing and media extravaganza, ad:tech. It concluded on 20th March, 2015 with much fanfare and a lot to look forward to.

    This was the 5th year of ad:tech – the international series of digital advertising and technology conferences and exhibitions for the interactive marketing profession. Inuxu exhibited at ad:tech for the first time and it was a well-executed and successful event.

    This year ad:tech witnessed over 3500 attendees, 96+ Speakers, 30+ Sessions, 8 Sponsored workshops, 23 Partners & Sponsors and 58 Exhibitors. Inuxu exhibited its digital media competency through its revolutionary programmatic platform- Adgebra – audience data and inventory marketplace.

    Inuxu received an overwhelming response from the attendees who were looking for innovative ways to explore the full potential of programmatic advertising.

    inuxu at adtech 2015

    We had an awesome opportunity to interact with experts from digital media fraternity and not to forget some good old friends and partners too.

    We are grateful to the organizers – DMG Events for putting up such a wonderful event. ad:tech gave us a great platform to showcase our strengths and opportunity to work out synergies with reputed digital advertisers and publishers.

    It was a long night after two days of hectic schedule but truly worth it.

    Miles to go before we sleep………….

    For further information please drop us an email at [email protected]