CPM Payouts

    Best in industry CPM only payouts

    Mobile Ad Innovation

    High impact mobile ad unit, promises add-on revenue

    One Time Integration

    Seamless one time integration

    Audience Data Exchange

    Trade audiences data in real time for new revenue source

    Real Time Reports

    Access to transparent & real-time reports

    Personalized Content Recommendation

    Content recommendation widget for incremental traffic and revenue from native ads

    In the era of multi-screen content consumption, it is difficult for publishers to maximize revenue and take decisions in real time. Adgebra offers access to a suite of innovative ad units with complete control on price and frequency with one time integration across device types.

    Adgebra’s innovative offering creates a new revenue source for publishers to trade their audiences in real time directly to an advertiser, agency, partner publisher or an ad network through adgebra’s audience data exchange.

    Adgebra also offers content recommendation widgets that promises 10% increase in page views with add-on revenue from native ads.