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    Getting to the top is optional. Getting down is mandatory.” – Ed ViestursTo

    This week Team Inuxu chose the option of scaling newer heights. Trekking in Pune has always been on my to-do lists. There are numerous forts and hills near Pune which are perfect destinations for trekking as well as camping. This is Pune Trekking Dairies – Part 1

    Trekking is the best-known physical activity for the improvement and maintenance of fitness and health. It is an easy, simple, accessible, and cost-effective activity that enhances fitness levels. In addition, trekking has been found to have direct and rapid effects on an individual’s metabolism.

    The theme of this month was Health and Fitness and Inuxuite’s took the challenge of climbing a nearby hill. With a lot of enthusiasm, the whole team gathered to trek. A sneak peek into this event.

    Pune Trekking Diaries

    We gathered at 4:00 pm to start climbing a nearby hill named Baner Tekdi (Hill), Pune. I have trekked before but this was the first time that I was trekking within city limits. Pune is a hilly city as it is situated on the leeward side of the Sahyadri mountain range. Away from the busy routine and city pollution, the trail to the top was full of greenery and gutsy breeze. After half an hour we were on the hilltop amidst the greenery and a wonderful view of our city, Pune.

    Pune trekking diaries

    We enjoyed the climb and stayed there for some time. Trekking was a good idea to stay away from the city crowd and breathe I some fresh air. As quoted in the article above;
    “Getting to the top is optional. Getting down is mandatory”, we started our trail back, all the way thinking of our next trekking destination:)


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