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    web push notification
    How adgebra uses web push notification as native advertising inventory
    538 310 Rajesh Chande

    A constant requirement of innovative inventory has become the need of an hour for any native adtech company. Publisher acquisition team is continuously under pressure from sales and delivery departments…

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    Growing importance of native advertising in Digital strategy
    538 310 Bianca Paes

    Over the recent years, native advertising has become increasingly streamlined and standardized. And only seems to improve in finding ways to deliver and promote content. If you are an advertiser…

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    Cash-Flow Issue in the Ad Industry in India & impact on Start-Ups
    538 310 Trushant Ugalmugale

    For any startup, the two most important things are Scale & Cash-Flow, unfortunately many a times both part ways during its growth journey. When you come across casual attitude towards…

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    The future of native advertising depends on adoption of vernacular language
    538 310 Debaroon Gupta

    For us, human beings, language has been the key to our dominance in this planet. Thousands of languages and dialects are being spoken all over the world as of now.…

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    Controlled approach the next big thing in campaign planning and optimization
    649 288 Apurv Lungade

    31st July, 05:30pm – “An amount of Rs. xxxxxx has been credited to your salary account…”  the most awaited SMS of the month! But what happens next? A lot of…

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    Adgebra’s article recommendation widget
    300 200 Shashikant Anpat

    Declining ad revenue, managing site to support multiple browsers, OS, device types and hostile competition is adding a lot of pressure on publishers. With screen size getting smaller and smaller, the attention…

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    7 mantras for successful career at startup
    7 mantras for successful career at a startup
    300 200 Supriya Thakur

    This is an era where the budding organizations have almost outnumbered to the established ones. Still, there is a conflict of thought when it comes to working with a startup.…

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    native ad in regional language
    Native ad in regional language
    300 200 Vrushali Anpat

    What is Native Ad? As per Wikipedia: Native advertising is a type of disguised advertising, usually online, that matches the form and function of the platform upon which it appears. The key to…

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    7 terms in digital marketing you need to know beyond SEO, SEM & SMM
    300 200 Ankita Panjwani

    Since its evolution, a lot has been spoken and written about digital marketing and its terminologies, When I initially started reading about digital media it was all Greek to me…

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    Disaster Recovery
    Disaster recovery and Idle Infra
    599 400 Rajesh Chande

    How to master disaster recovery in a DevOps world by Jonathan Hassell raised a point about the idle capacity of DR infrastructure. He set me thinking over the weekend and my thoughts…

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    Embrace DevOps as a lifestyle
    599 400 Rajesh Chande

    For me year 2015 started with a list of resolutions that included shedding few kilos (both personally and professionally) and this time I was keener than ever before. I wanted…

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    Adgebra’s SSP exclusively for In-Image ads
    Adgebra’s SSP exclusively for In-Image ads
    599 335 Prerna Mehta

    Publishers can now offer inventory to multiple buyers in real time Here is some exciting news for publishers and advertisers. Adgebra has added yet another feature of an SSP (Supply…

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