7 hacks to choose the perfect ad tech partner

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    Are you in the right hands, choose your ad tech partner wisely

    Every piece of news that we read these days about digital media industry talks about the tremendous growth in ad spends over the coming years. Due to advances in advertising technology, it is becoming ever increasingly difficult for advertisers to choose the right ad tech partner to deliver user engagement driven campaigns. Let’s have a look at Statisa’s report about digital advertising spending worldwide from 2012 to 2018 (in billion U.S. dollars).

    7 hacks to choose the perfect ad tech partner

    All these trends show a steep rise in digital ad spends globally for both desktop and mobile advertising. The world is becoming digital first and content consumption pattern has changed over the period. This change is also driving advertiser optimism and ad budget growth.

    To ease this decision-making process I have compiled few points that every fellow marketer or media planner should consider before choosing the perfect ad tech partner for their next campaign.

    1.     Your digital strategy and goals:

    Before even thinking of looking out for an ad tech partner, it is important to be clear about your own digital strategy and goals. Your annual ad spends or media spends should be well calculated and budgeted. You should be clear about the expectations you have from the campaign. All your strategies revolve around your target audiences, so make sure your new partner knows who your target audiences are and will they be able to reach them. A precise campaign delivered to the right audience at the right time will definitely yield better results. Keep all the valuable data collected over the years handy for future reference.

    2.     Test the Water: 

    You have an existing partner, but it is not necessary to stick to them just because they have been associated with your company since donkey years. You should keep a track of the latest technology, trends and breakthroughs in digital advertising industry. Check if the partner in consideration will be able to deliver those for you. Also, are these technologies right for your marketing strategy?  Few important questions that you should answer before starting off.

    • Do they have a strong digital background?
    • Do they understand your marketing needs and goals?
    • Is the new partner at par with the latest trends in ad tech?
    • Will they be able to give you a 360-degree approach/experience?

    3.  Beware of the Catchy Words:

    Every industry has a list of jargons used by members of the fraternity. Similarly, digital media industry also has some dominating terms like programmatic, native ads, Big Data, viewability etc. Don’t get blown away by these terms and don’t keep these highly rated jargons as deciding parameters to choose a partner. The ad tech partner should be able to deliver the desired results using the latest technology build around these jargons but be careful not to fall in the trap.

    4.     Work Profile:

    Ensure that the ad tech partner to be, has previously worked with similar clients and solved similar problems. Do they understand the challenges that your industry faces and are they ready with solution. Take into consideration their successful campaigns and technology that they have previously used in campaign execution across multiple platforms like mobile, native ad, video and more. Having this information will help you understand their capabilities to run your campaign.

    5.     What’s their forte?

    A lot of media agencies and ad tech companies offer ‘n’ number of services under their umbrella. You need to find out what they specialize in. Their specialization will have a positive effect on the deliverable. Also, check if the technology partner has an in-house technical team to deliver the campaign or have they outsourced their technical responsibilities. It’s imperative to choose a partner who can provide an end to end solution rather than just marketing expertise.

    6.     Key Metrics:

    One of the most vital question to be answered when delivering digital campaigns is, has the technology partner measured the results and if yes, how? You need to check what metrics they use to measure the performance of the campaign. The metrics used at your end should be aligned with your ad technology partner. Measuring elements that don’t matter to you should not be considered while evaluating. There are several key metrics used industry wide like for your branding campaigns it can be CTR (Click through Rate) or engagement rate. For performance-based campaigns, it can be the last mile action/ lead or purchase that happened. Point to be noted here is with users consuming content over multiple devices, tracking cross-device conversions is also a critical metric. With video ads and viewable impression being talk of the town, time spend and viewability can also be an important metric. It’s important to work with a partner who uses robust data, converts data into useful analytics to ultimately deliver results as you want.

    7.     Service Level:

    Whenever we talk about a business partnership, comfort and service levels are points that we cannot ignore. It’s important to define the level of service that you expect from your ad tech partner. The whole campaign delivery cycle involves support and service at all levels. You’ll want to understand whether their working principle is that of a self-serve model, a dedicated account manager or a combination of both. What services they offer post campaign delivery is also of importance. The ad tech partner should be able to give you industry insights and take you one step ahead of others.


    To deliver a successful digital campaign, you need to have the perfect ad tech partner by your side. Choose the right one and you will have a smooth sailing.


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