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Why cross device targeting is the new black
Why cross device targeting is the new black

Scenario – (as if it is a magic!)

User was searching for a t-shirt on a shopping site on his desktop but didn’t buy it. Now he searches for more t-shirts on his mobile and gets to see the same t-shirt which he had searched on the desktop previously.

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Collaboration Tool for Startups

For a startup organization where processes are unheard of and writing emails is like asking the newly arrived “PK” (an alien character from a Bollywood comedy flick) to talk in earthly language Hindi, asking employees to document everything that they do is a huge task.

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The Insiders’ Guide to a Successful Startup

Just a couple of years ago it was difficult for a guy to get married if he worked for a startup – founders were the worst hit! Fortunately, now Indian startup ecosystem is witnessing a hyper-growth phase. The year 2014 saw the largest ever Venture Capital infusion in the Indian startup ecosystem.

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Why I loved my internship at Inuxu
Why I loved my internship at Inuxu

On a blissful June morning, I walked along an alluring lane with houses on one side and fields on another and reached a beautiful yellow colored building painted with cartoon characters on its pillars. The kid within me had not stopped celebrating until I realized that this is the very place where I was supposed to be interning for a month

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Inuxu Turns Two!

Last month we celebrated inuxu’s second year in business. In recognition of this anniversary we arranged for a team outing to Karla Lakeside Resort for all employees and their family members. The resort is located in Lonavala – 42kms from Pune.

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